Good news for language teachers and parents who are searching for an easy, workbook; “Learning to Read in English and Spanish Made Easy” will keep you covered. This reference book does not only cater to language instructors but also to tutors and self-teach students who prefer a much simpler roadmap. Language specialists always have the belief that younger students may have difficulties and might encounter a steep learning curve, but eventually overcome these concerns by practice reading. This is true of every language the student is learning.

The workbook provides various learning methods and techniques that are tailored for each student according to their learning variables in both Spanish and English. The material provides multiple reading exercise charts that lessens the difficulty. Charts were also added to track the students’ progress They may be a bit intimidating at first but as the student goes through the directions, they become intuitive along the way. By constant reading practice in either language, the charts will result to rhythmic repetitions, especially in English vowel sounds in reading charts. The child becomes more intuitive, so learning is a lot less painful.

Spanish and English are some of the most widely spoken languages in the planet. When reading is enjoyable, learning is quicker and writing becomes second nature. Initially patience is a must, but once the method is learned, progress becomes much easier, faster and more fluid. The teacher will easily be able to monitor each reader’s progress. And most importantly, by fusing the three factors: reading, comprehension and writing, each student will have a better chance of having a successful learning experience, not just for their personal reading benefit but for other future endeavors as well.

“Learning to Read in English and Spanish Made Easy” is the most intuitive learn-to-read workbook available that is specifically designed for students who want to improve their language skills in either Spanish and/ or English. It is a great addition to any language improvement center or your growing self-help library. Own a copy today!

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Learning to Read in English and Spanish Made Easy: A Guide for Teachers, Tutors and Parents
Author: Susie G. Navarijo
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: October 2020

About the Author
Susie G. Navarijo is a retired first-grade teacher. She taught thirty years at Cable Elementary in the Northside District in San Antonio, Texas, where she was one of the first bilingual teachers in the district. In 1986 she was selected Bilingual Teacher of the Year for the San Antonio Area Association for Bilingual Education. Because she had to divide her groups into English and Spanish, as well as by ability, she developed methods that allowed her to stress commonalities in both languages.

Mrs. Navarijo received her Bachelors of Education degree in 1972 and her Masters of Education degree in 1979 from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. She is certified as an Elementary Bilingual/ESL teacher. After retirement, her love of children and success in teaching brought her to tutor migrant children. This book will allow Mrs. Navarijo to pass along her successful method, as well as her experiences, with other teachers, tutors, and parents in the hope that her belief that every child can learn will become a reality in every classroom in America.