The progress of annual updates is rapidly evolving, introducing new advanced features. From the moment of its creation to the present day, Bluefy users are provided with a wide range of services interacting with the surrounding gadgets, which guarantees a high level of protection. The continuous improvement of the application has allowed it to reach a high level of support.

Before you talk about how far the developers have progressed in the upgrade of the Bluefy app, you should learn about it, if this has not already happened. Today, the app has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Bluefy is a mobile web BLE browser for iOS users. Thanks to the capabilities of API and Bluetooth technology, users can create custom settings for connected devices.

Since the beginning of 2020, developers have been painstakingly working on updates. To date, developers continue to update the application. They performed language localization when translating into 14 languages, including English. In addition, they have implemented special features for web developers in the Bluefy browser. These features of the application were developed to provide developers with the opportunity to create web solutions that will work on all iOS devices. Bluefy solutions include wireless connection of the website to third-party devices. This is a great opportunity for Internet of Things technologies.

What are the main features provided by the application:
– High-quality web browser with high functionality;
– Connection support for various devices;
– Ability to handle disconnection and reconnection;
– The extensive functionality of the advanced features of the application;
– Up-to-date environment for software developers;
– Security of sensitive data.

It is worth noting that the trend of changes has affected the technical side and the design of the application. One of the tasks of the developers is also the constant improvement of the design. Users quickly adapt to the width of any screen, as the developers of Bluefy have created it to be modern and versatile in use.