Locklizard’s document security provides totally secure document sharing – unauthorized users cannot access documents and authorized users are restricted in their use.

Sitting at the Forefront of Cutting-Edge Technology, Locklizard Has Rapidly Become the Industry Leader in Document Security

Amidst the digital renaissance, document security has never been more vital; and while remote file destruction, device and location locking, remote screen grabber protection, and remote revocation of files might sound like document security technology used by master spies, they’re all standard practice for Locklizard’s document DRM solutions.

As the industry leader in document security solutions, Locklizard has developed cutting edge technology to ensure that documents remain fully protected while society navigates a new landscape of secure document sharing and remote working. Locklizard’s flagship product, Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM, locks documents to devices and optionally locks documents to locations to provide maximum security without sacrificing user experience. It ensures no unauthorized person has access to documents and that authorized users are restricted in their use.

One of the most common concerns for document owners is document sharing, screen-recording, and unauthorized access and use. Locklizard has created a multi-pronged approach to deliver document security. Using encrypted licensing controls with transparent and secure key exchanges (that unlike password-protected PDFs cannot be easily cracked), Locklizard stops document sharing in its tracks – unauthorized users cannot gain access to valuable, confidential, or sensitive information and authorized users cannot share them with others.

Additionally, Locklizard prevents users from taking screenshots of documents by blanking or masking screen content and enables document owners to both destroy and revoke files remotely, from any location.

After the past year, the last thing any business needs is someone stealing valuable documents or sensitive information that can prove detrimental to their company and revenue streams.  Locklizard is single-handedly paving the way for a more secure document sharing environment, ensuring only authorized users can view documents in a controlled manner.

Steve Mathews, Locklizard CEO said “Publishers selling information such as ebooks, reports, training courses, etc.; and companies needing to share documents with their employees and third parties; must protect their IPR from theft and misuse. Locklizard’s document DRM provides simple to use solutions that work across multiple environments and can be easily integrated into existing systems.”

Locklizard is used by small, medium, and large publishers, corporations, and government agencies worldwide to protect their IPR and confidential and sensitive information from theft and misuse.

To learn more about Locklizard, visit: https://www.locklizard.com/

About Locklizard

Locklizard is the industry-leading document security and DRM copy-protection software provider that helps companies protect what matters most – their digital IPR. Founded in 2004 by infor-mation and document security specialists who have more than 70 years of experience in the in-dustry, Locklizard is the premier DRM supplier for publishers, enterprises, and governments; meeting and exceeding requirements for the finance, auditing, semiconductor, training, publish-ing and analyst communities. Locklizard implements cutting-edge encryption technology with licensing and DRM controls to ensure unparalleled document security for their clients.