Tyler Martin, CEO at Campfire Foods Group stated that “We are excited to feature the world’s first hot sauce vending machine at the Oakley Kitchen. Campfire foods is an innovator in the local food ecosystem and the Dude, Seriously Hot Sauce Vending Machine is not only a unique concept that aligns with our creative values, but it also gives our customers access to over 35 of the best local and national hot sauces.”

The Dude, Seriously Hot Sauce Vending Machines offer a variety of hot sauces “…so no hot sauce lover gets left out. If you like a mild sauce, we have you covered. And if you want to sweat when you eat, we can make that happen too,” says Kai Schneider, CEO of Dude, Seriously LLC. Schneider thought of the idea when the pandemic started in March of 2020. “I was considering opening my own store, but when the pandemic hit, I began to rethink the retail model. People deserve a hassle-free experience with minimal risk of exposure and the vending machine supplies that and so much more.”

The Dude, Seriously Hot Sauce Vending Machine offers full 5oz glass hot sauce bottles through a soft touch delivery process. The machine provides a variety of selections, including heat and flavor profiles to match taste and mood, so consumers are sure to get the perfect bottle of sauce.

The entire top row of the machine prominently features the award-winning Dude, Seriously Hot Sauce. The second row features the top 9 national brands and includes famous sauces such as Washington DC’s Capital City Mambo Sauce and High River Sauces’ Cheeba Gold. The third and fourth row feature 18 of Ohio’s best hot sauces organized by heat level. The last row features all of your classic hot sauces such as Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot, Cholula and Sriracha.

Schneider adds that “hot sauce is a must-have nowadays, and given the plethora of brands on the market it’s becoming more difficult to sift and find your favorites. Dude, Seriously cuts out the hard work and delivers the best sauces in the nation as well as the local favorites in each state all in one convenient machine.”

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