Two Billion Heartbeats may seem a lot, but if it is quantified in years, you would think otherwise. We have one life to live, and in our lifetime, we only get 60-80 years on average. Our time is significantly brief but if we live it the right way, we can make it worthwhile. In his mind, Erick DeBanff had completely comprehended this fact. DeBanff is a composer, mountain climber, world traveler, physical extremist, motorcycle enthusiast, and author. In the book, “Vie Max,” he will teach us how to live the next 2 billion heartbeats of our life to the max.

DeBanff had been a bedside caregiver for 45 years and had seen many people pass through the veil of death. He had witnessed people who were slowly succumbing to their illness and with this, he creates a backdrop that contrasts the veil of life and death.

The book is a thought-provoking read that will inspire you to make the best out of any circumstance life throws your way. It’s interspersed with amazing true stories about the author’s medical emergencies and miracles. It delivers an optimistic tone thanks to DeBanff’s upbeat personality, which encourages readers to venture outside of their comfort zones. To use their time to explore and appreciate the world around them and see the good out of everything regardless of the situation. DeBanff would also inspire each reader to see their past experiences in a new light. He believes in learning from one’s past experiences and using what he had learned to make life as best it can be.

Although it presents a paradigm shift, the book is not a self-help book or an instructional book on how you should live your life. It is an excellent example of how you can immediately improve your experiences and change your life!

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Vie Max: How to Live the Next 2 Billion Heart Beats of Your Life to the MAX
Author: Erick DeBanff
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: May 2021
Book Genre: Self-help; Inspirational; Motivational; Life altering by changing one’s perspective.
Target Audience: All ages, of all walks of life. Extremely helpful and motivational to health care professionals.

About the Author
Erick DeBanff is a composer, mountain climber, world traveler, physical extremist and a motorcycle enthusiast who has 45 years of experience as a bedside caregiver to the very critically ill; from Neonates to Geriatrics, all spectrum of human patient population. He is a graduate of Loma Linda University in the emphasis Music, Pre-Medicine/ Respiratory Therapy.

Erick is passionately driven to help individuals unleash their mental and physical capacity by capitalizing on the power of disease, trauma, misery and misfortune of life. Erick lives every single Heart Beat of his life to the MAX!

If you were to live 60 LONG YEARS; You’d live 720 MONTHS; You’d live 3 Thousand WEEKS;
You’d live 20 Thousand DAYS; You’d live Half a Million HOURS; You’d live 30 million MINUTES;
You’d live 1.8 billion SECONDS; You’d LIVE 2 BILLION HEARTBEATS;