When midsummer comes, the cultural and tourism markets of Pingtan in Fujian Province heat up again. During the three day Dragon Boat Festival (June 12-14), the Pingtan district received 158,400 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 76.63%, with tourism revenue of RMB 114.84 million, a year-on-year increase of 34.52%, and increases of 25.16% and 21.33% respectively compared with 2019.
The Pingtan Tourism and Sports Bureau assure that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the tourism market in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone was safe and orderly, and the tourism reception picked up steadily.

During the festival, self-driving tourists were still the force in Pingtan tourism. Differing from the medium to long-distance tourism during the May Day holiday, the travel trend during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was medium to short distance tourism, and the popularity of tourism in the surrounding province is high. Pingtan has attracted tourists from Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Ningde and other places.

The opening of the Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge on December 26, 2020, adds a highway with a designed speed of 100km/h and a railway with a designed speed of 200km/h to the international tourism island. As the world’s longest and China’s first cross-sea road-rail bridge, it has helped heat up the tourism industry in Pingtan.

Surrounded by the sea, Pingtan is home to one thousand reefs and one hundred islands, abundant tourism resources and beautiful scenery. The Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge has brought a steady stream of visitors and makes in-depth island tour highly popular. In particular, the number of inter-provincial tourists has experienced significant increases, the same for weekend, family and senior travels. What’s more, many tourists come as a group.

The waves of Pingtan’s famous “Blue Sand” or “Blue Tears” in late spring and early summer this year drew crowds of tourists. While the sea breeze blows in the summer night, the romance-seeking tourists are flooding into the “Blue Sand” sites – Liushui Wharf, Beigang Village, Longwangtou Beach, Tannan Bay, and the Aoqian Waters.

A bridge shortens the temporal and spatial distances and hastens the development of Pingtan, known as China’s “Maldives”, into an international tourist island. The “traffic + tourism” model is revitalizing the local villages by benefiting more people from the developing all-for-one tourism.

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