Washington, DC, 23 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Do you need more than one app for that? The founders of Halen Technology are rethinking service apps and are working to streamline them to be more user-friendly, worker-focused, and community-oriented.

Halen creates a one-stop app for ridesharing, food and retail delivery, and vacation booking. It focuses on community and makes the process more time-friendly for users and businesses.

“People like things being centralized in a central location,” Halen founder Edward Mbeche said. “You shouldn’t need a separate app to order from a restaurant and also find reliable transportation. What we’ve done is make everything accessible in one place.”

Halen is launching an Indiegogo campaign on June 29th, to raise funds to spearhead their ambitious project. Halen is seeking to raise $75,000 to support their efforts.

Halen believes that mobile services apps can be done better, that all needed services can be accessed in one place, that drivers can be well-paid and kept busy, and that local communities themselves can enjoy all of the benefits from the apps they do so much to support.

“This revolutionizes delivery. Apps now are very specific and do not target as many service areas as Halen” Mbeche said. “We’re allowing people to do all of that from only our platform. It also provides incentives for drivers and gives them more opportunities to earn wages by working cross-functionally through the Halen app instead of switching apps.”

Among the many key differences that separate Halen from its competitors is the commitment to a community and its citizens. Halen shifts to the needs of each community it serves. Its revenue model also doesn’t depend on drivers working to make ends meet. It’s the opposite.

“Halen drivers earn a greater share of the revenue from their trips than they would from other companies and have reduced downtime because of Halen’s multiple service reaches,” Mbeche said.

To learn more about the Halen Indiegogo campaign, you can click here.

ABOUT HALEN: Halen is a community-oriented one-stop app for ridesharing, food/retail delivery, and vacation booking! The Halen App offers ridesharing, food/retail delivery, and travel bookings in one super high-quality interface. Halen was founded with the mission to enhance its communities, so community engagement and local partnerships are strong corporate priorities.