Gutter Gorilla offers a full slate of gutter services: installation, repair, guards & cleaning. And assists you with other exterior services: roofing, windows & siding.

Gutter Gorilla is a specialized company on a full slate of unique gutter services, which vary from installation to cleaning. 

They started in the construction business in 2002 with a combined 30 years of experience. They are listed with the Better Business Bureau. They have an A+ rating. Four top factors differentiate them from the competition: top-notch quality, dedicated employees, personalized approach, and no-risk quotes. 

Their top-notch quality resides in their professional services, the highest quality products, and their unique gutter protection system in Louisville, Kentucky, aiming to surpass all industry standards. All their technicians have a number-one goal which is client satisfaction.

Gutter Gorilla works with a personalized approach that considers your property’s size, shape, and overall design to let the gutter seamlessly blend into its space. They offer free, no strings attached quotes and flexible financing.

There is an average of 46 inches of annual rainfall in Louisville and destructive wind storms, which demands a continuous necessity for gutter services. Gutter Gorilla offers gutter installation, gutter repair, gutter cleaning, and gutter guards, and they work towards your needs.

The gutter installation has you covered if you want to add or replace gutter systems, they outfit a new build. They also address cracks and leaks on non-functional sections of your gutter system and make your gutters work like new.

The gutter cleaning service they offer helps when blockage on the system prevents rainwater flows at the proper rate. Moreover, they also suggest gutter guards service, which keeps the mess out and the water flowing.

Gutter Gorilla is not a general contractor for exteriors; instead, for them, gutters services are the core of their business. They only count on professionals and experienced technicians who carry licensing and insurance to make clients feel at ease.

People in Louisville, Kentucky, interested in learning or requesting Gutter Gorilla services for your gutters, are invited to get in touch by visiting their website at

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About Gutter Gorilla

Full slate of gutter services, including installation, repair, guards, and cleaning