The course will be held through Zoom on June 26 at 10am Pacific time and will include the following topics: The Basics of Crowdfunding; Calculating Business Start Up Costs; Knowing Your Audience; Using Video To Connect & Convert; Marketing Yourself & Your Product; Delivering Your Million Dollar Message.

To claim your spot, go here: believes that any child can be an entrepreneur. Whether they have a special talent they want to share, have a desire to help people or have a service or product they want to sell, children can be taught how to create a business using their passions and now they can raise money for that passion through kid-only crowdfunding. The new fundraising platform has the intention to create more opportunities for more kids by providing an easier way to raise needed funds thus taking the pressure off parents. Kids can fundraise for any dream from creating a product to tuition for classes. “This is the new lemonade stand,” says Kristi Stoll, founder. “On our platform, young people don’t have to wait to be great.”

Empowering children early in life to follow their passions helps establish self-esteem, self-reliance and the courage and confidence to tackle new challenges. “When they have the courage and support to use their innate gifts and to follow their dreams, children can create anything,” says Kristi. “Children are limitless thinkers. With encouragement to explore their inspired ideas at this stage of life, they will develop a strong foundation of self-belief and the ability to create endless opportunities.”

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“If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we have the opportunity to create a new reality for ourselves and life is too short not to be doing what you love,” says Kristi.

About KidVisionaries is a kid/teen only online free fundraising / crowdfunding platform to help young people safely raise money. KidVisionaries is on a mission to empower one million kids with resources to achieve any entrepreneurial goal, life dream, or innovative vision by providing a place where kids’ visions are celebrated, supported, and brought to life.