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“Research shows 1 in every 3,500 children in the United States is diagnosed with a growth disorder,” says HGF president Dr. Joel Steelman, a pediatric endocrinologist. “This private platform allows families to be in a space where they can speak candidly, learn from each other, share experiences, and gain valuable resources which will allow them to navigate through the journey from diagnosis to successful treatment.”

Some growth problems may be immediately diagnosed at birth because the infant may be abnormally small for his or her age. However, many growth problems are noticed much later, when the child appears smaller than his or her classmates or when growth appears to be insignificant over a period of a year. The primary symptom that may indicate a growth problem is when a child grows less than two inches a year after his or her third birthday. Symptoms of growth problems may resemble other problems or medical conditions. The child’s doctor must make the diagnosis of a growth disorder.

Shea D., one of the group’s most recent members, said, “Just joined this group and so happy to have found it!”

Individuals must complete a four-question application and get approval before obtaining access to the group.

For more information about “Families of Children with Growth Disorders,” online support group and become a member, visit

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Founded in 1965, the Human Growth Foundation is a global leader in research, support, and advocacy for children and adults with growth and bone disorders and growth hormone deficiency. For more information about HGF, please visit