Pairing your diamonds with other jewellery pieces sometimes elevates your look to a whole new level. Whether it’s as simple as a pair of diamond earrings with gold posts or a dynamic combination of emeralds and diamonds; they will surely make you look gorgeous. When it comes to the topic of mixing and matching, the combination of gold and diamond is a timeless classic. Just like any other jewellery piece, your ability to cleverly style them is the key to an accentuated look. Here are some styles and tips on how to pair your gold and diamond pieces to look absolutely amazing.

Keep it simple

While experimenting with different jewellery pieces the basic rule you must follow is to not overdo it. The best way to bring out the beauty of a gold-diamond piece is to keep it simple. While pairing diamonds with gold it’s always better to strike a nice balance between the sparkle and the radiant glow of the gold. You can pair a simple diamond pendant with a fine gold chain or wear diamond studs with gold posts to create that classy look. However, if you want to achieve a more dramatic look, then let the diamonds do the talking. Diamonds look amazing with any type of gold. Although yellow gold is more popular, the subtle radiance of the white or rose gold provides a stunning backdrop for the diamonds. You can wear a simple white gold bracelet with diamond drop earrings or for a trendier look, opt for a bold and chunky diamond encrusted gold bracelets.

Pick the right outfit

Choosing the right wardrobe ensemble is a huge game changer while styling diamond and gold jewelleries. With both of them being natural hues, it becomes relatively easier to pick an outfit. However, tops or dresses in vibrant rich colours like black and wine red goes extremely well with diamonds and gold. The dazzling glow against the dark backdrop makes you look ravishing.

Add it to your office wardrobe

Gold and diamond, being a classic combination, can be an excellent choice of accessory for office wear. It’s best to keep it light and casual, to get that classy look. A pair of yellow gold and diamond studs add that elegant touch without being too over the top. You can also pair your diamonds with white gold as it looks really chic yet professional. So feel free to mix and match, to add some bling to your everyday office outfit.