Photography expert Arie Eric De Jong will soon update his in-demand blog site by highlighting today’s top 10 photography poses. Find out more here.

Aspiring photographers who would like to learn about today’s most highly acclaimed poses will soon be able to discover this information on a popular blog site by industry veteran Arie Eric De Jong.

The blog website is available at The blog website has garnered high-than-expected ratings online since its launch and has therefore drawn immense traffic, according to De Jong. As a result, De Jong plans to cover the top 10 easy poses in his next update of the popular website.

The purpose of the website is to show novice photographers how to excel in a wide range of photography genres, ranging from sport photography to portrait photography and even wildlife and nature photography. According to De Jong, each genre is unique, and the more that photographers understand the idiosyncrasies of each one, the more prepared they will be to succeed in their genres of choice.

For example, readers who are interested in taking nature photos can find out the top items to bring to any nature shoot. These items range from a digital single-lens reflex camera, high-quality zoom lenses, and a shutter release, which allows photographers to capture iconic nature shots without disturbing the natural habitats around them. Other essentials include a weatherproof bag, which will help to safeguard electronic equipment against moisture, and a sturdy tripod, which can help photographers to avoid taking blurry pictures.

The website also outlines pointers for taking sport photographers. For instance, De Jong encourages readers to avoid being distractions when trying to take photos of ball games. Likewise, readers can learn through the site why they should avoid using flash when photographing plays and players.

Arie Eric De Jong said he looks forward to updating the site to further provide value to his valued readers and help more people to experience the fulfillment that comes with mastering the art and science of photography.

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