When considering an eCommerce platform to start an online business, WooCommerce will be one of the top considerations. Being flexible and very user-friendly, WooCommerce is a go-to choice for most new and upcoming businesses. With the features provided, a user can easily set up a B2B business through WooCommerce.

WooCommerce B2B features for Business Automation:

Product Cataloging

Product Category, Brand, Group Management

Product Group Discount

Special Discount

Warehouse-wise Stock Management

2-factor Authentications using OTP user location

Set User Rights for Order Management:

The user rights that can be set for Order Management are as follows:

Order Admin: Has the rights for E-Catalogue, Order Mgmt., Pricing, inventory, approvals.

E-Catalogue: Has the right to view the E-Catalogue and place an order from it directly.

Place Order: Can add to cart & submit.

Order Approver 1: Provides 1st level Approval to the PO once the User places the Order.

Order Quantity Approver: If a product crosses threshold quantity, then this approver will be activated & the order will be confirmed once they approve it.

Order Value Approver: If a product crosses a set threshold value, then this approver will be activated & the order will be confirmed once they approve it.

Set User Rights Management

In the WooCommerce portal, each user has some access rights such as:

Active: Can do everything.

Administrator: If active, then OTP for login will go to the same user else to the admin.

Login OTP: Can only add new users. No edit rights

Add Users: Can only add new users. No edit rights.

Delete Users: Can only have the rights to Delete Users.

View Users: Can only view the users in the organization.

Accounting: Can view Credit Limit, Outstanding Statement payable to Vashi.

With Administrator permissions enabled, the user gets access to every section along with the capability to manage the rights for other users.

E-Catalogue with Quick Order feature & Advanced Product Search with custom SKU

Multiple Address Management

Demographic location-wise nearest warehouse selection during order.

Product-specific default Warehouse Selection to manage out-of-stock conditions.

Updated Order Grid view

Order Item-specific Status Details

Custom Invoicing Feature

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