iHunt4, the company that provides treasure hunting software, announced today that it is on a mission to find charities who would benefit from the treasure hunting software. iHunt4 is looking to partner with worthwhile charities that align with its goals. 

iHunt4 recognises that there are many charities providing vital services within the community and would like to partner with them to bring their members extra features within the treasure hunt ecosystem. iHunt has developed world leading software that organizes team treasure hunting activities. The company would like to partner with charities and offer free advanced treasure hunt abilities in a way to give back to the community. iHunt has special features such as marketplace involvement, its own cryptocurrency and other benefits that would bring additional benefits to the charity’s members and supporters.

The iHunt4 treasure hunt game is a great way for teams and organizations to bond and enjoy time with one another as they play the adventure. It is also a way for sponsors of the charities to further support their desired charity by providing prizes within the hunt for the participants. Sponsors also benefit from participating in the treasure hunt with additional foot traffic at their desired locations. Sponsors have the ability to provide discounts, deals or rewards to players throughout the game adventure. 

The iHunt4 team has designed the platform to be a global adventure, the game offers digital rewards for players that discover clues in the hunt. The iHunt4 game is tightly integrated with location based tools where the sponsors can dictate where the treasures are to be placed. The charity members or players utilize the application to search and get rewarded with real prizes along the way. There is no cost to the charity members playing the game and the platform makes it easy for the users to redeem the promotion when required. 

iHunt4 is part of a global treasure hunt aiming to be the largest of its kind. The virtual hunt is available at over 6 million locations worldwide and is used by small, medium and large organisations. Treasure hunting has been around for a very long time and the iHunt4 platform is an ongoing treasure hunt where new prizes, promotions, gift cards are entered into the game by real businesses. We look forward to new players joining the family based treasure hunt activity. 

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iHunt4 is a world wide scavenger hunt software program designed to entertain all age groups. The solution helps connect businesses with treasure hunt players. For more information please contact iHunt.

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