ONDO Smart Farming Solutions is glad to announce the release of the new mobile application for its weather station ONDO Weather. The mobile app is key for all farmers who are using ONDO Weather to get sensor-based climate and soil data, as well as detailed weather forecast for their farms, and plan or adjust their irrigation, fertigation, crop treatment, harvesting and other activities based on that.

The new app is included with ONDO Weather and allows the farmers to monitor 24/7 key parameters like temperature and humidity of the air, soil temperature and soil moisture, dew point, rainfall quantity for the past 1h and past 24h, wind speed, wind gusts and more! There is also hourly and daily weather forecast, for 5 days ahead, that includes expected temperature, precipitation, sun radiation, wind speed and wind direction.

Thanks to the much improved user interface, farmers who have numerous, geographically distant properties, each equipped with a weather station, can now switch between the weather station data for each property with a single click. The new mobile app had been successfully demonstrated at BATA AGRO exhibition which took place between June 1-5th, 2021 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, where ONDO gave away a free ONDO Weather station with specific ONDO system configurations.

The new app is only available for Android mobile devices, with an iOS version planned for the next release.