BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will list KoHo Chain (KHC) on June 9, 2021. For all BitMart users, the KHC/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 4:00 AM EDT.
What is KoHo Chain?

KoHo Chain (KHC) is the next-generation inclusive finance (InFi) infrastructure based on blockchain side-chain technology and is the first high-performance privacy public chain that bridges the KHC side chain to the Ethereum ecosystem for large-scale commercial usage securely.

The mass population cannot fully safeguard money and data security in a centralized organization. Over time it will cost many resources and financial services – causing a vicious cycle of unbalanced regional development. Changes in the industry ecology and users need a voice and a stronger sense of security.

Understanding the challenges of long processing times, inaccessibility and lack of transparency, coupled with the risks that come with the traditional finance systems, KoHo is committed to create a decentralized, inclusive financial ecosystem with a strong focus on privacy protection and security, which addresses the current pain points. By doing so, it will drastically lower the barriers of entry for users to become a part of the DeFi ecosystem to make secure transactions – users will only need a mobile phone connected to the Internet to get access to all the financial services.

KoHo foundation is at the forefront of this social revolution, working to solve the current problems facing human society through high-tech means – how to construct a more cohesive community organization and more equitable and efficient distribution of incentives.

KoHo Public Chain Emerges As The Times Require

With the improvement of DeFi financial infrastructure, derivatives of DeFi bring more and more new landing scenarios. In the face of the growing demand in DeFi, the current DeFi infrastructure has been challenging to meet the public’s desire for Inclusive Finance.

KoHo’s objective is to reduce the threshold for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in DeFi and continuously expand the boundary of DeFi.

By building a breakthrough new generation of high-performance private financial chain, KoHo has solved such prominent problems as weak scalability, high transaction cost, slow transaction speed and poor transaction experience in the existing DeFi domain.

The traditional financial industry has a high requirement for the efficiency of the trading system. Take securities trading as an example. Traditional securities trading mainly includes the declaration, matchmaking, clearing, settlement and other steps, with TPS up to hundreds of thousands. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the largest public chain, have TPS in the tens or even single digits, leading to frequent congestion.

By developing a tamper-proof, cutting-edge technical architecture which includes sharding, sub-chain expansion, state channel, online expansion, Koho Chain has achieved an impressive 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). At 100,000 TPS speeds, it would effortlessly support the key requirements of financial applications in real-world usage scenarios – high-speed and high frequency – giving KoHo Chain the capability to serve thousand times more users in each second compared to Ethereum.

KoHo public chain represents the most advanced blockchain technology in the industry, enabling the financial sector with cutting-edge technology, which will open the beginning of large-scale commercial decentralized finance. KoHo is set to drive the mass adoption of DeFi for large-scale commercial usage, evolving and pushing the boundaries of DeFi in real-world financial services and applications in a transparent and secure ecosystem that users can easily access anytime.

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About KoHo Chain

As a new generation of inclusive financial infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain, the KoHo Chain ecosystem allows Creators, Collectors, and Traders to engage with rare tokenized content on an ultra-fast and low-cost network. KoHo Chain is the next generation digital marketplace built with users and communities in mind. To learn more about KoHo Chain, please visit:
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