The most forward-thinking Internet Marketing Individual. “We want to transform the way businesses communicate, listen, and share information online.” – Ian Mullins

Ian Mullins, the owner, and founder of Future Online Solutions has been an entrepreneur since his early days in High School. He does have quite the story when it comes to his whereabouts growing up.

Though he was born in Connecticut, living there for a few years while his father worked in International Finance in Tokyo. He moved to Tokyo to join his father at the age of four and lived there for 8 years. After that, his father’s job brought his family to Hong Kong where Ian spent a few months there before getting diagnosed with ADHD which led to trouble in school. Ian then moved to a few different schools in a few different states including California, Utah, and then finally a strict boarding school in Montana where he finished up his high school career with a 4.0 and a full semester of college credits already under his belt.

While in Montana he started his first dot com company where he managed different musicians and marketed many underground artists online through his first website. Music is a passion of his since he has been able to play 6 different instruments since his elementary school days.

Since Ian had multiple academic scholarships to many prestigious universities he decided to attend the University Of Denver for his first semester. He didn’t attend class very often and actually skipped all of his final exams but was lucky enough to transfer to Indiana University for the Business and Information Technology program. This is where he really dived into coding and the understanding of communicating online through different mediums. He lasted about two years before he decided to drop out and finally decide to fully follow his entrepreneurial spirit.

His passion for music led to his second company where he set up live concerts at different venues in Hong Kong and finally setting up his first music festival in Hawaii called The Paradise Music Festival. All the while he was developing his marketing skills in social media, search engine optimization, graphic marketing, and other forms of advertisement.

After one of his concerts took a turn for the worse in Hawaii due to land permits, his concert promotion credibility was ruined on the islands and he decided to move back to Indiana and then to West Palm Beach, FL where he continued building websites and marketing for other companies as a freelancer and honing in on his skills for about 3 years.

At the end of 2019, he decided to make a bold move to North Carolina where his immediate family was living at the time, and jumped into the Fitness Industry and started a fitness franchise called Fitness NC. There are now 5 locations throughout North Carolina and this company is on the rise due to his marketing skills and business mindset. He plans to franchise the company sometime in 2022.

For most, it would seem that managing a fitness franchise would be enough but for Ian Mullins, there are never enough projects or businesses he seems to have his hands in. This is when he decided to finally start his own digital marketing firm: Future Online Solutions. While still in the early stages of the company’s life his pursuit and determination have helped him and his team to take this company to the forefront where they plan on completely changing the way businesses view marketing.

Future Online Solutions is not interested in marketing for the sake of marketing. Rather than that, FOS continuously monitors campaigns and provides regular information on the brand’s performance. FOS team of experts constantly produces excellent outcomes by combining innovative ideas with extensive expertise. They assist in developing a long-term, meaningful relationship with customers by involving them in the business communication cycle. Additionally, they provide years of experience in the digital market from Ian and his teams work with a varied range of multi-location businesses and brands.

Whether it’s legal, healthcare, franchise or restaurant management, or influencer marketing, Future Online Solutions has the edge and know-how to efficiently funnel clients and followers to businesses and brands alike.