Kurt Shafer, Founder of Thorwaldson Whole House Fans, has been shipping whole house fans all over the world since 2008. His fans are used all over America and in Australia.

He was asked by a local dealer of whole house fans to create an automatic window opener for the dealer’s clients who want to use their smart phone remote controls to turn on their whole house fans before the owner gets home. That has required that the homeowner leave one or more windows open when they leave the house. If they have a 2 story home that might be OK, but in a one story that can be a security problem.

Now, with the Thorwaldson Model AutoWin the homeowner can know that their windows are locked when they leave their home. The AutoWin is a motorized actuator that holds the window securely closed until it is actuated by a sensor at their whole house fan system. Then it opens the window but not enough to allow a person to enter. It opens just enough for the right air flow to cool their home.

For more information call your whole house fan dealer or installer or call Kurt at 951-296-3611. Or go to ThorwaldsonWholeHouseFans.com