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Today, Southern Florida Singing sensation and Songwriter Leiza Michaels announced the release of Nuevos Estándares, the Spanish version of her 2020 classic “New Standards”. She and Starburst Records also announced they will be hosting a CD Release Party at The Pavilion Grille in Boca Raton, Florida on Sunday, June 27 from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Both Leiza and Jay Carney, Founder/CEO of Starburst Records are huge fans of the old Jazz Standards. During the summer of 2019 they collaborated on a collection of six brand new songs that embody the vibe and style of popular songs from the Great American Songbook, exemplifying songs by such luminaries as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and many other composers that had hit songs from Broadway Musicals. They recorded the first English version of this album in Nashville in January of 2020 and have followed up in 2021 with a re-write of each song in Spanish being released on over 40 music streaming platforms on Friday, May 28. The songs on “New Standards” have been streaming globally since mid-2020. They can be heard on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music Plus as well as all major digital streaming sites. This album, “Nuevos Estandares” however has been released early exclusively on Bandcamp at Leiza & Jay enlisted the talent of Enrique Duarte of Mexico to translate this great collection of songs into Spanish, which he accomplished with elegance capturing the depth and meanings in a new prose!

New York Native, Leiza Michaels has been performing Jazz Standards & Popular songs from The Great American Songbook for many years throughout Europe & the USA and most recently throughout Southern Florida over the past 10 years. When we composed these songs we also felt this was the perfect genre of music to further important social causes. The song Pure White Snow is an homage to Billie Holiday focusing upon on the struggle this gifted artist had with drug addiction, an addiction that faces many and can hinder progress through life. Also our songs Charm Me and Natural focus upon spousal abuse, eradicating violence against women and forced marriages. The greatest “crowd pleaser” of the album appears to be Some Kinda Girl/ Chica especial owing to it coming into closest proximity to modern pop of the album’s songs. Leiza was especially excited about rerecording her CD in Spanish so she could connect with her Latin heritage.

Here are the titles of each song:
English                             Spanish
1. Movin Too Slow          Muy lento, mi amor
2. Pure White Snow         Mi perdición
3. The Older You Get       Al envejecer
4. Some Kinda Girl         Chica especial
5. Natural                           Natural
6. Charm Me                    Hechizame
Each song has an Official Music Video in both English and Spanish as follows:
1. Muy lento, mi amor
2. Mi perdición
3. Al envejecer
4. Chica especial
5. Natural          
6. Hechizame   
1. Movin’ Too Slow
2. Pure White Snow
3. The Older You Get
4. Some Kinda Girl
5. Natural               
6. Charm Me