Board of QUBYX has appointed Benjamin Shen as the new CEO and President of QUBYX from May 1, 2021. Shen is currently a member of the Executive Board and CTO of QUBYX with more than 10 years of experience working at QUBYX.

Shen will fill a gap left by Marc Leppla. Marc was victim of a road traffic accident in the south of France. Marc founded QUBYX in 1997 and invented the PerfectLum software.

“It is a very special honor for me to follow Marc. He had such a tremendous influence on my life and career. With the passionate team at QUBYX, I will work hard to develop new medical systems. As a strong brand, we will continue Marc’s successful work.” says Benjamin Shen

QUBYX’s PerfectLum is a multi-platform, multilingual, full-featured, calibration system with remote management that significantly enhances display performance in all circumstances. More importantly, PerfectLum provides up-to-date industry-specific compliance with medical imaging standards (Including NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF). This is the first time that such industry-specific standards have been achievable on a Mac.