Johnson Automotive believes all drivers should have the right to enjoy a safe and scenic highway. To give back to the community and support roadway safety efforts, Johnson Automotive has been committed to the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program.

The team at Johnson Automotive believes in creating an incomparable car buying experience that begins the moment guests walk through the door and continues throughout their vehicle ownership.

With this goal in mind, Johnson Automotive is making it their mission to clean up the highways around the community. How do they make this possible? By sponsoring multiple highway signs through the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program.

As a highway sponsor, Johnson Automotive assumes the cost of litter removal efforts along sponsored segments throughout the eastern half of the state. Trained professionals of the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program handle the cleaning on behalf of Johnson Automotive for graciously funding highway cleanup costs.

As stated by Erick Kirks, “the explosive population growth in our region has brought a considerable increase in litter to our roadways.  We decided to fund this initiative instead of running TV ads to promote our dealerships because we wanted to find a way to give back to the communities, we all live, work, and play in.  The feedback we have received from our neighbors and our guests has been very inspiring and has led us to help lead other volunteer litter pick-up efforts”.

Johnson Automotive is happy to be promoting litter prevention and awareness in the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program. Erick Kirks, Marketing Director hopes to encourage other business owners in North Carolina to participate in highway litter-prevention efforts and set an example for what it means to give back to the community.

Johnson Automotive treats every client as they would a guest in their own home. With a total of nine locations, the team is proud to offer options for everyone that is looking for a new, pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicle. The goal of the team at Johnson Automotive is to create an exceptional vehicle purchase, service, and ownership experience for their guests while promoting roadway safety and cleanliness.

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