Global common activities

  • SDGs World Tour (for employees)
    Showcase weekly online the social and SDG contribution activities throughout the Ricoh Group global companies.
  • SDGs Action—Start from what you can do (at an organization level)
    Each Ricoh Group company plans and implements various SDGs activities and shares the outcomes within the Ricoh Group.
  • Smile for SDGs Action (for all organizations)
    Recognize those teams who demonstrated exceptional ideas in implementing SDGs activities.

Activities at each company
1. Ricoh Japan

  • Set activity themes, targets, and implement the three categories that contribute to the SDGs: “Digitization of the workplace,” “Provision of digital services,” and “Reinforcement of internal business process.”

2. Ricoh USA

  • Wear green for World Environment Day (observed on June 4) to raise awareness.
  • Celebrate Pride Month via Webinar in partnership with Ricoh Canada (June 17).
  • Launch a new People, Planet, and Prosperity Award program, and annual SDG Spotlight Award.

3. Ricoh Latin America

  • Wear green for “The Green Challenge” (June 4th to June 30th).
  • “The Green Lunch” is a series of one-hour sessions every Friday in June on “Everything you want to know about the SDGs” with discussions, Q&A, feedback, resource sharing, training materials.

4. Ricoh Europe

  • Collect and share photos of activities that employees have undertaken during the COVID-19 impact and sustainable recovery.

5. Ricoh Asia Pacific

  • Declare Eco Action Pledge related to SDGs and ocean plastics will be offset for every organization, school, and individual pledge received.
  • Distribute seeds to the community in support of Singapore’s 30-by-30 vision.

 Relevant Information

Ricoh’s approach to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals

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