My goals for this campaign are simple. End the stigma and social isolation of the almost one million people on the sex offense registry.

Bellingham, Washington May 29, 2021 (  – The Outspoken Offender (aka, Matt Duhamel) has launched the #EndTheStigma campaign on his Twitter and YouTube channels. An advocate for diminishing the stigma and social ostracism against individuals and families forced to register, he utilizes short video clips which introduce a new hashtag related to the damaging effects of the sex offense registry.

“My goals for this campaign are simple. We need to end the stigma and social isolation of almost one million people on the sex offense registry. National, state, and city laws have been proven in national studies to be ineffective in keeping children safe and are causing damage to families. These collateral effects break apart families, create homelessness, and fuel mass incarceration.”

One way to end the stigma against registrants and their families, according to The Outspoken Offender, is education and awareness. The #EndTheStigma campaign uses short video scenes and hashtags optimized for sharing and interaction on social media. The videos, intended to humanize people forced to register, also bring awareness to the sex offender registry and its contradictory laws, ordinances, and banishment. Individuals forced to register often face brick walls when seeking employment and housing. Some are banned from neighborhoods and shunned by employers. 

The Outspoken Offender states he does not condone any form of sexual violence or harm. He also recognizes victims and their lifetime suffering of pain and sorrow. An advocate of restorative justice, he believes victims and offenders may benefit from programs such as Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA). The program has demonstrated the capacity to enhance the safe integration of otherwise high-risk sex offenders with their community.

The #EndTheStigma campaign runs through July 4, 2021. You can find more details on The Outspoken Offender’s Twitter and YouTube social media profiles.

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