Social media, which was once considered a passing fad, is now generating a humongous impact on the growth of businesses.

One dominant reason for this change can be attributed to the platforms being a hub of User-Generated Content(UGC). It has come up to be a result-driven marketing asset for organizations aspiring to create relevant, authentic, and engaging content by still being cost-effective.

Branded campaigns require persistent efforts to expand reach, build trust, and generate engagement but with UGC, brands can achieve all these parameters and more in a couple of days.

Once the UGC campaign has an appropriate number of posts, marketers can verify and sort out relevant content.

But the challenge that most of them are placed against is the optimum use of UGC. For it must be resourcefully allocated to make an impact.

Taggbox Display x OnSign TV facilitates users to build a social wall that boasts UGC generated on multiple social media platforms and displays it anywhere from mobile phones to jumbotrons with OnSign TV., thus enhancing their efforts of providing easy-to-use solutions to businesses.

About Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is the leading platform to create social walls using UGC, as it engages your audience with content created on social media, to amplify brand awareness at events, and on digital signage displays.

You can choose from 15+ social media platforms to aggregate content from and integrate on your social wall via hashtags, keywords, and profiles. The advanced moderation features filters out spam and irrelevant content to make certain for you to have only top-notch, brand-aligned posts to show.

Further, you can also enhance the look of your wall and make it identical to your brand’s aesthetics via powerful customizations. Taggbox Display offers 12+ high-end themes that enable easy attention-grabbing of the viewers.

The features offered are designed keeping in mind ingenuity, quality, and a seamless audience experience.

About OnSign TV

OnSign TV is a promising CMS platform that is brimful with features and is designed to run all kinds of signage screens. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform that fosters networks in 100+ countries regardless of their size.

OnSign TV runs in the cloud and its servers are potentially secure, all you need is a web browser and a computer to gain its access.

A noteworthy thing about OnSign TV is that they have the largest list of compatible hardware in the industry.

How Can Taggbox Display x OnSign TV Help Cut An Edge?

Constructive Utilization Of UGC Via Digital Screens

User-generated content is dominating the performance of brands and amid the competition getting stiffer, brands have an urgent need to map out out-of-the-box strategies to be able to thrive.

Collecting user-generated content and leveraging it in a unique way to influentially attract and engage users can be their best bet. As UGC crowns marketing strategies of the brands by impacting the purchase decisions of 90% of the potential users.

Displaying it on various marketing touchpoints has become non-negotiable and through this partnership, they can effortlessly do it and turn their targets into reality.

Dynamic Content That Lures Attention

Leveraging the partnership, brands can create their social wall and display it on any screen post customizations. This feature speaks for itself when it comes to gathering user attention, as it utilizes a variety of fresh media.

Moreover, since UGC is dynamic, unique, and emotive it can keep the visitors hooked for a long period of time while also generating a call to action.

Real-time user-generated content, coupled with brand-generated content can help brands narrate their story, build social proof, and make their marketing efforts lucrative.

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