Grammy-Nominated international-selling super-producer Davion Bottz (better known as Bottz) slated to make history with his new single Tacos & Tiddies. With “Taco Tuesdays” already being a massive advertising and marketing tool for restaurants, cafes, and other eating establishments, the highly anticipated song with its catchy (and soon to be) iconic lyrics will be a next level promotional necessity (especially in the “Adult Entertainment” realm).

After hearing a woman on a social media site saying, “It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means” Bottz said, “I know what it means to me ‘Tacos & Tiddies’ two of my favorite things. He continues, “I started singing ‘Tacos & Tiddies’ and kept repeating it so much, I guess it got stuck in my head. I got this crazy idea and decided to music. I played the track to some friends, and their response was, I should release it as a single because it would be an instant hit in the Strip Clubs. I wanted more feedback from people in the industry, so I let a few of my ‘Adult Entertainment’ friends hear it. Their unanimous response was, ‘We can’t wait for it to be released. As a matter of fact, we will be requesting it in the clubs and immediately making Tik Tok videos’.”

One might say we are witnessing history in the making.

Tacos & Tiddies is currently available on all music streaming platforms. Follow the link for immediately purchase The “official” Tacos & Tiddies video is coming soon.

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Multi-Grammy Nominated Producer Bottz is a 20-year entertainment veteran with an impressive history of playing with A-List singers and Multi-Platinum Selling/Award-Winning artists. Considered the go-to “Producer” on the social media app Clubhouse,” Bottz has over (63) clients (and counting). This extraordinary, self-taught pianist and drummer’s impressive roster includes award-winning artists Fantasia, UGK, Mya, Natalie, and more. Bottz is also a “Podcaster” on Patreon. His Podcast Thinkin Outside D Bottz is consistently #3, preceded by Whorrible Decisions at #2, and the #1 spot held by A-List radio personality/hip hop artist Joe Budden.

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