Taking into account the growing importance of automation systems for payment and receipt processes and the need for autonomy on the part of users, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has created a webpage directed only to CASHARMOUR.

CASHARMOUR is an automated cash payment system that automates all cash management processes, quickly and efficiently simplifying cash handling.

Designed mainly for points of sale, this system automates all cash management processes for unprecedented payment management.

With more information about this PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS equipment and excelling in design and interaction, the CASHARMOUR website aims to promote this structure designed to work in any market and commercial space.

With a modern design and a secure system, CASHARMOUR has many advantages:

– Saving about 50% of employee time;
– Reduction of waiting time in long lines;
– System against theft or robbery and interdiction to unauthorized people;
– Optimization of operations time and human resource management;
– Simplification and speed in closing the cashier and elimination of errors.

At the vanguard of automation, this payment system is dynamic and versatile and exists in several versions: CASHARMOUR CH1, CASHARMOUR CH2, CASHARMOUR CH3, CASHARMOUR CH4 e CASHARMOUR CH5.

Besides its many features, CASHARMOUR eliminates cash processing problems, offers a wide range of models that fit perfectly in any space and situation and increases the productivity of establishments.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS presents itself as an innovative technological company capable of responding to all market needs, developing products and solutions customized to each customer, company, partner or distributor.

In this case, with CASHARMOUR, we intend to increase the productivity of any business.

The future is happening.

Take a look at https://casharmour.net/en/

Photo: https://ibb.co/4jSHBwN