The song ‘Backseat’ by upcoming Montreal artist Jenny Z delivers a captivating course of the contemporary pop musical gala through a beautiful production.

Montreal, Quebec May 17, 2021 (  – Upcoming pop artist Jenny Z is presenting the audience with a unique flavor of pop music components. One of her breakthrough songs, ‘Backseat’ is one of the best examples of the creative proximities of pop in the backdrop of contemporary styles. The song captures the relatable theme of young and restless love that sits fit with the modern audience as well. The artist’s vocal strength encompasses the various undulations of the song into a blissful blend. The whole track comprises a captivating production arrangement that redefines the scope of modern pop music with heartfelt gratitude.

Originally born Eugenia Ziss, the upcoming Montreal artist is currently at the highest point of her career. Especially with the song ‘Backseat’, she has accomplished a whole another degree of feat in her career. Hailing from Canada, she is associated with the home label Ziss Records that further extends her scope and possibilities as an artist. She is rapidly becoming a known name in the relevant music circle in her city. She constantly aims at improving and upgrading her creative aptitude in order the deliver her best. Her hard work shows her potential of capturing the attention of the global audience in the days to come.

Some of Jenny Z’s other songs that give her soundscape the identifiable edge include ‘Silence’, ‘Change Me’, ‘Get A Life’, and ‘SSx2’ among others. She sometimes uses elements of hip hop and rap to make her sound all the more diverse and musically inclusive. Her vocal prowess, songwriting skills, and visionary approach all make for a flourishing future. She is already working on one of her upcoming singles that further expand her horizons as a creative. She is building her musical empire with each song. Follow her work on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to experience the best of modern-day pop.

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