The brand accentuates that health and beauty do not have to be a chore.

Contrary to what most people assume, choosing to live healthy and fit does not often involve major habit adjustments. There are hundreds of fitness programs that offer comprehensive routines, and they place much emphasis on regular exercise and good nutrition. One only needs to find the program that can best assist their transition to a healthier lifestyle. Eight Karats is a brand that also believes beauty and health should be effortless and fun. Their three jewel products make it easy for individuals to create beauty starting from within: the Eight Karats Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Supplement, the Eight Karats Aerintiang Ultimate Fat Burner Diet Jelly and the Eighteen Vitaskin Hydrogel Melting Mask.

“We further believe that supplements should never be things that you take only when you’re not feeling your best but to make sure you’re at your best at all times,” shared a representative from Eight Karats.

These products can be readily incorporated seamlessly into anyone’s current lifestyle. They are modern and affordable innovations that help people achieve their health and beauty goals. They are so effective that in just 10 months, the brand grew from three to more than a thousand distributors.

The most loved of their product line is the Eight Karats Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Supplement. It is a multi-functional health and beauty supplement that can give users visible results within four weeks. Eight Karats is made in Korea, and it contains glutathione, hyaluronic acid, mixed fruit powder, mixed berries powder, zinc oxide, peppermint oil, nicotinamide, soy lecithin and citric acid. It is MFDS approved, COA cleared, safe and results-proven.

“It’s delicious. My daily UV protector and skin protector help me to improve my skin and health. What’s best is I no longer need to take collagen,” shared Viet Ngo, a satisfied customer from Vietnam.

The two other products in the brand’s line are the Eight Karats Aerintiang Ultimate Fat Burner Diet Jelly and the Eighteen Vitaskin Hydrogel Melting Mask.

Eight Karats is the first multifunctional health and beauty social commerce in Singapore and has achieved more than SG$9.6 million in retail sales in 2020 alone. They strive to help customers achieve better health and better skin through their products. More information can be found at

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Eight Karats helps customers achieve better health, better skin and better wealth through their products and business.