FHB’s response to media enquiries


     In response to media enquiries on the number of miscarriage cases involving persons who have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines, a spokesperson for the Food and Health Bureau responded today (May 14) as follows:

     According to information by the Hospital Authority, during the period from April 12 to May 9, there were 396 miscarriage cases for those without a vaccination record (24.7 cases for every 100 000 people), whereas the number of miscarriage cases for those who had a vaccination record was 9 (2.8 cases for every 100 000 people). So far, there is no clinical evidence that the miscarriage cases are caused by vaccines.

     The overall rate of miscarriage in Hong Kong is similar to that recorded in the past three years. Based on the statistical analysis of the above figures, there is no evidence that vaccination will increase the risk of miscarriage for recipients.