Little children continue to be inspired by Elliott and her faith-based stories. In her new book, “Doctor Cow”, we will follow the adventures of a young Holstein cow. She has never stopped dreaming, despite her clumsy hooves. This cow’s ambition is to become a doctor, and she is doing it with the help of everyone on the farm. Her friends accompany her on her journey with support, admiration, and a lot of doctor’s consultation.
Can the Cow’s dream be realized? Or will she be held back by her hooves?
Elliot introduces a slew of amusing characters that kids would adore. She will take each child on an imaginative adventure that will culminate in a lovely lesson about trying their best. It will inspire children to never give up on their dreams because God will always be there to fulfill their dreams through His will. Elliot tells a sweet tale that can bring the family closer together because reading is a great way to bond. In addition to the important lesson, the book includes pleasant and vibrant hand-drawn illustrations that will capture and hold the attention of any child. The book is also written in a rhyming scheme which makes it fun and easy to read for children. It will help those who are in the earlier stages of learning how to read.
The Cow’s tale of perseverance and passion to heal will inspire us. Inspire the children to do their best in order to achieve their goals. Get your hands on a copy now!
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Title: Doctor Cow
Author: Linda Elliott
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:
Linda Joyce Thornsberry Elliott is the author and illustrator of several books including Pumpkin Pilgrimage, Fun In The Park, The High-Back Forty, Who’s Going To Tie Your Shoes, Billy Bob’s Bean Patch, Among The Elbows, The Everything Tree, and Three Trees Over. The book Behold Easter is written by Linda but Willie, her husband, did the photography, and she is the author of Back Street Butterfly which is illustrated by Lewis Newman.
She is a graduate of Alice Lloyd College in ‘Knott County Kentucky where she attended for two years and then attended and graduated from Berea College in Madison County Kentucky. She taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty-seven years. She is now retired and lives in McDowell, Kentucky with her husband Willie. They have one son Ryan.