Angel Stones, a new book by D. Davis, has been released by Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.

In Angel Stones, time has come for another step in mans never ending development. The problem is, governments, some organized religions and technology stand in the way and must be dealt with. The story centers around Bill, a spiritually disillusioned engineer, David, freelance reporter with a cat named Satan, a woman with an unknown past, and a widowed American Indian. Their lives are profoundly changed, directly and indirectly by a spiritual individual, only known as Adam, who, at various times, gives them small pure white stones that radiate energy and feel warm to the touch. All are being watched by two separate shadowy government operatives. Also watching is an unforeseen outside entity that steps in to alleviate all problems.

Angel Stones can be read and enjoyed by almost any age. After reading it you may find yourself looking at the world and life in a slightly different way. Read at your own risk.

About the Author
D. Davis is the youngest of four brothers. His father abandoned the family when he was very young, so the four boys grew up a little on the rough side and were raised by a hard-working mother. After marrying his high school girl friend Donald worked as a mechanical designer for numerous companies, wrote and illustrated technical manuals at one. Donald taught high school for several years and retired from the NC department of transportation. He also taught martial arts, enjoyed sailing and is a reasonably good pen and ink artist. Donald now enjoys country living with his wife, dog and 2 cats. He now, as always, looks at life from a slightly different prospective.

Angel Stones is a 294-page paperback with a retail price of $18.95. It is also available as an eBook. The ISBN is 978-1640965232. It is available on,, and Apple Books. For more information and links to buy the book please visit the author’s website at