Listen to the hip hop glazed saga of Santa Monica music producer DjVianney’s new track, ‘ICEBERG’, a complete assortment of captivating musical elements.

Santa Monica, California May 11, 2021 (  – Music producer DjVianney is taking hip hop to a platform of eclectic uniqueness with the verses of his soundscape. The artist is changing the way hip hop has been perceived for so long and is giving it an identity synonymous with modern-day musical components. His track ‘ICEBERG’ is the biggest example of his musical being that modulates electronic undulations and rhythmic structures into a compact format. Having grown up with exposure to hip hop and R&B, his perspectives are diverse and genre-bending. The style reflects in the song as well as he takes the audience on a journey of effortless recreation.

VianneyAkoun is an alumnus of New York-based DJ Academy where his course in Djing& Music Production further allowed him to shape and discover his sound. His sets are a regular in the relevant music scene of Dublin, Paris, Los Angeles, and London as he continuous to give his fans a piece of his exclusive work. ‘ICEBERG’ marks an important confluence in his career that has been instrumental in the composition of future tracks. Some of the most popular tracks that hail him as one of the biggest DJs in the making include ‘BU$$ IT’, ‘OnDeck’, ‘Vibbin’’, and ‘Motivation’.

The Santa Monica music producer releases music from his production label, Akoun which is an important aspect of his independent stream of music. He defines hip hop with his perspective that is different from what is generally played. Thus, his music is achieving the status of a new musical form that will later evolve the future of the genre. Hard-working, energetic, passionate, and resilient, DjVianney is here with all his heart and might to make his music stand out. If you are ready to indulge in his scope of exclusive mixes and rhythmic patterns with a hip hop undertone, make sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, and TikTok.

Listen to DjVianney’s SoundCloud track:

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