BOSTON, MA, May 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — A family-owned start-up, Rayz Kidz is introducing a whole new way for working parents to stay engaged with their young children, even while they’re at the office.

The family behind Rayz Kidz is a father-daughter team:

Bob Boudreau is the former CEO of Winter Wyman, now The Planet Group. During his 17 years as CEO, he played a key role in developing innovative staffing solutions Pharma, Healthcare, Technology and more. He is joined in this entrepreneurial endeavor by his daughter, Annie Delaney, who is herself an esteemed professional.

Annie Delaney spent nearly eight years developing business processes and supply chain planning for The Boston Beer Company. Her background in accounting allows her to bring a sharp eye for analysis and operational strategy to this work.

They both bring their business acumen and understanding of the challenges working parents face to this new offering.

Rayz Kidz: an App Designed for Working Parents

Nearly 50% of homes in the United States have two working parents. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, families who are able to have opted for in-home care. This kind of childcare is provided by nannies and au pairs.

Both mothers and fathers of young children face the dual demands of growing careers and being engaged in the early years of crucial development.

“After spending most of my adult life working in corporate America, I felt a deep calling to create this app for myself and all other working parents who struggle to feel connected to their kids while working. For years, my head would be in two places at once, trying to focus at work but always thinking about what was going on at home. I knew my girls were in great hands with our amazing caregiver, but I still craved to know more.

What were they eating?

How were they spending their time?

Not to mention how much time I spent scrolling through my camera roll to find pictures of my babies.

With the support of my family, I found the courage and clarity to apply my professional skills to create Rayz Kidz.”

Rayz Kidz provides a new way to connect.

Family Management App Features

While there are some available apps that offer photo sharing or activity ideas, Rayz Kidz is the first app of its kind to provide comprehensive insight for parents and childcare providers. App features include:

Real time updates with daily notes and detailed event logs.

Photo sharing among family members in secure albums.

Curated, research-backed and developmentally appropriate activity ideas.

Future plans include easy-access chat features, family rooms and enhanced sharing.

To get involved now, you can join the launch list for the app, which will be released for purchase on May 6, 2021.

Coming May 6: the Rayz Kidz App on Google Play and App Store

On May 6, 2021, the Rayz Kidz App will be live and available for purchase on Google Play and the App Store. Both Android and iOS users can download Rayz Kidz and get immediate access to the family management features it provides.

To learn more and get updates about the Rayz Kidz app and offerings, visit Rayz Kidz on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Press Contact: if you have inquiries about this news or to get in touch with Rayz Kidz, contact [email protected] or 781-205-9441.

We are making life easier for parents returning to in office work after COVID-19. This is a new app created by former CEO of Winter Wyman, now the Planet Group, and his daughter (Bob Bourdreau and Annie Delaney) called Rayz Kidz. It’s an app for working parents that centralizes photo sharing, learning activities, daily logs and more between family members and nannies or au pairs.