This version of MACDVisor is ideal for anyone with a day job who is seeking a low-cost, simple and reliable stock market analysis solution. MACD is a very widely used indicator by low-risk traders worldwide due to its easy-to-use interface and affordable cost. It predicts the stock selling price with a very high level of accuracy. The MACDVisor EoD products are currently available for S&P 500, NSE 500, and TSX 200 stocks and are priced at only US$50 per year for each market, making the advice highly accessible and affordable to all those who may be interested in investing, as the overall cost is easily made back through smart investing practices ensured by the software.

Founder and CEO of priceSeries Rajesh Srivastava believes, this low-cost option is exactly what customers need at the moment, and affirms that the software development was inspired by current customer needs. “Our innovation is driven by our customers, their views drive our product development and we know deep in our heart that we cannot go wrong with this strategy.”

priceSeries are providing informative webinars on their newest software launch two times a week to ensure potential customers can be fully trained on the product they are purchasing. More information about these webinars and priceSeries can be found on their website at

About priceSeries

priceSeries is Silicon Valley-based algorithmic trade identification company providing trading research for primarily U.S. markets. Their products and services are built to provide better trading opportunities, enhanced trade control, and reduced trading complexity. The company has built a reputation through consistently delivering top-of-the-line trading solutions to customers worldwide and has previously been ranked amongst the CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Capital Markets Companies.

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Name: Rajesh Srivastava

Email: info ( @ ) priceseries dot com

Organization: priceSeries

Phone: +1-408-940-5056


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