Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering Ltd. (MHIENG), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, is to begin offering “optimaX” (trademark and patent pending), a digital service platform to comprehensively support operations and maintenance of transportation systems, industrial plants, and other types of social infrastructure. This new service consolidates into a single package the range of digital services MHIENG has offered up to now in such fields as urban transportation systems and CO2 recovery facilities, further expanding market applications as a solution to resolve issues related to the operation and maintenance of the various types of infrastructure that support environmental protections and social life.

optimaX Feature Map

The introduction of optimaX provides the following benefits:
1. Improve availability of the facilities: Minimization of downtime by detecting signs of breakdown or malfunction and conducting preventive maintenance; Optimization of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), MKBF (Mean Kilometers Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).(1)
2. Optimized operations and maintenance costs, and resources: Operational efficiency, fewer maintenance personnel, inventory optimization for spare parts.
3. Safety improvements and accident prevention: Optimization of regular maintenance (preventive maintenance) to prevent breakdown or malfunction.
4. Enhanced cyber security: Incorporates MHI’s proprietary InteRSePT technology.(2)

Companies in the transportation systems and industrial plants field are increasingly shifting from a conventional Time Based Maintenance (TBM)(3) model of periodic inspection and maintenance to a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)(4) system of optimally timed preventive maintenance using IoT technology to monitor system status. The optimaX service responds to such needs, providing solid support for a smooth transition from TBM to CBM. The system also features enhanced cyber security with the incorporation of InteRSePT, MHI’s proprietary technology for control systems based on extensive experience in the defense sector.

MHIENG has been offering services for remote monitoring in real time of the operation status for new transportation systems such as the automated guideway transit (AGT)(5) system, and in April 2019 established the Digitalization and Business Innovation Department to oversee and lead digital transformation (DX) programs, developing the optimaX platform.

Through this department, MHIENG conducts further research and development for digital services such as anomaly detection utilizing deep learning and other AI technologies in the new transportation systems and mobility field, and safety enhancements through remaining life assessments of CO2 recovery systems and other chemical plant equipment, supporting innovation and growth for new business models that fulfill the needs of business partners in the critical infrastructure sector.

Going forward, as a part of MHI Group supporting growth fields such as energy transition to realize a carbon neutral society, electrification and intelligence in mobility, and the application of cyber security in the private sector, MHIENG will work in partnership with MHI and other companies to make life convenient and comfortable, and help build a safe and secure society.

(1) MKBF: Mean Kilometers Between Failure; MTTR: Mean Time To Repair
(2) InteRSePT (an abbreviation for Integrated Resilient Security and Proactive Technology) is a registered trademark of MHI in Japan. It is a technology for cyber security in control systems for vital infrastructure (social infrastructure) that allows for real-time anomaly detection and response to unknown cyber-attacks, helping to ensure safe and reliable system operations. See the following website for details:
(3) Time Based Maintenance (TBM) is an approach of conducting inspections and maintenance at regular time periods, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, regardless of whether a malfunction has occurred.
(4) Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is an approach of conducting preventive maintenance at optimal timing according to the condition of the device or equipment in order to ensure safety and reduce maintenance costs.
(5) Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) is an electric power-driven, fully automated new transportation system with rubber tires to provide a smooth ride and reduced noise.

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