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“A Very Naughty Little Girl” by Abigail Strauss is published

A charming tale that will delight children of all ages

About the Book:

An exciting, funny, and at times, sad story about the adventures of “A Very Naughty Little Girl”. No matter how hard she tries, Sarah cannot behave herself, much to the exasperation of her best friend, Jennifer, who attempts to help her change her ways.

Abigail Strauss’s debut children’s book was written during her isolation in the lockdown due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Although Abigail was unable to see her close family members for many weeks, she included them all as characters in her book, which helped her feel closer to them; it also eased the loneliness that was inevitable at that difficult time.

About the Author:

Abigail Strauss is 78 years old and ran her own antique shop and then a dolls house business for twenty years. She then had a second career as a reporter and feature writer for her local newspaper.

Excerpt from Book:

“There was great excitement as they all scrambled up the stairs to the top floor with Jennifer in the lead. She saw the door to the attic was slightly open so she gently opened it a little further. As she peered inside two teary blue eyes gazed back at her, which made Jennifer begin to cry. She threw the door open and hauled her friend out, hugging her at the same time.

Sarah whispered to Jennifer, “I’m sorry for those things I did, I was angry when Zane went away and I was mean to you.”

There was a cacophony of noise as everyone was laughing, crying, shouting and talking excitedly. Nick yelled, “Three cheers for Sarah; that’s the best game of hide-and-seek I’ve ever played!”

“Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!” they chorused.

And so, the day ended happily as the families descended the stairs from the attic and went into the garden where they sat in the sun and enjoyed ice cream cones.

Jennifer whispered to her best friend, “I do love a story that has a happy ending.”

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