Team Aviles is proud to receive the NYC Police Benevolent Association’s endorsement. Adriana Aviles knows that communities thrive when residents do not live in fear or concern about the well-being of their neighbors. Feeling safe in their community is especially important for residents of District 19 as it is home to the largest population of seniors in the city, as well as a large number of Asian American families.

“No one should be vulnerable to any criminal attack. Our partners in law enforcement have been protecting our families tirelessly every day despite the ongoing negative and divisive rhetoric. Community relations cannot improve with our law enforcement unless we have a seat at the table, and I am grateful and privileged to be a part of those ongoing conversations.” – Adriana Aviles

Team Aviles has been and will continue to champion for better education and public safety for district residents. With this recent endorsement, community members can rest assured that Adriana Aviles is the candidate to advocate for the needs and priorities of district 19.

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