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Planning and remodeling a living room on a budget can be a challenge. When planning a design concept for your living room, you need to consider various things into account: couches, recliners, loveseats, sofas, tables, lamps, paintings, flooring, and anything else that is part of the living room. After completing this important task, you should determine the total cost for the items in order to ensure that there is still a significant amount left over for the other items you want to revamp. Here are some suggestions for how to remodel your living room on a budget that will help you get the look you want, while not straining your wallet.

Floor Covering

In order to get the best value for your money and the most attractive interior design, you should focus on refinishing your existing floors covering. Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home, but if they are stained, cracked or have dull patches they will detract from the appearance of your living room. With hardwood flooring you have many different options from an assortment of stains to a wide selection of finishes, including high gloss, matte and rough-textured.


Furniture play a significant role in any room and it is not possible to avoid them when remodeling your room. Solid wood furniture has a warm and inviting look that cannot be matched by any other type of material. In order to remodel your living room on a budget, you will need to look carefully at all of your furniture options and find only those pieces that are solidly constructed and made using only the best wood.


Lighting is an important element when you want to make your living room look better and be more inviting. Many people place lamps throughout the space, but you can also look into track lighting, which is a less elaborate, but very effective way to highlight certain areas of the room. Track lighting can be used in the ceiling of your home, or over the end of a bar or table. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of options to look into.

Final Words:

If you are considering remodeling your living room on a budget and are having trouble finding the exact look you want, get in touch with one of our interior designers in Bangalore. We can give your living room the look that you have always wished to have.