California’s drought continues, but there are innovative solutions. Califia Partners, LLC’s new fund, Beneficial Use Partners I, LLC, has commenced its initial funding round for its acquisition of rights to substantial sustainable sources of clean water deliverable to Southern California communities at competitive prices with a minimum of environmental impact.

Beneficial Use Partners I, LLC intends to use this funding to acquire untapped sequestered aquifers (small isolated water basins), prove their viability as ecologically responsible sustainable sources, and sell the water on an ongoing basis to water districts in the region at prices more advantageous to them than their alternatives.

Public infrastructure is a relatively low-risk, high-reward investment. In addition, as fresh water grows scarcer, water resources can become a good investment. Our investment objective is to provide a stable long-term income stream with a high rate of return and low rate of risk over the long term for our partners.

Sustainability is a critical element of the projects. Accordingly, the fund will seek to acquire such aquifers that have hydrological, geological, and environmental attributes that allow sustainable withdrawals well into the future. Its projects will focus on productivity, long-term profitability, environmental stewardship, and maintaining a stable income stream over the long term.

Their team, which includes a highly respected hydrogeologist, a veteran environmental and water rights attorney, an experienced water issues economist, and a skilled due diligence and acquisitions administrator, have located one such source and from initial analysis have concluded that it has the proven ability to fit the company’s criteria.

The proceeds from the funding will permit final due diligence, acquisition of the property overlying the source, and regulatory approval to transfer the water to this thirsty region.

Additionally, the team has preliminarily identified other such aquifers that can also be exploited in the future.

Califia Partners, LLC’s principals and team-members have decades-long experience in the sourcing of new water supplies and the acquisition and development of commercial property. Their unique experience and skill sets allow them to successfully underwrite water resources properties. Furthermore, they are committed to transparency for their investors.

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