iZooto has signed a 3-year contract with Summit Media to double down on its audience engagement and retention efforts. iZooto, a US-based India HQ, audience marketing platform, helps media publishers reduce their dependence on the likes of Facebook and Google. Summit already uses iZooto for engaging its 31M+ readers across its 14 brands.

Audience development and engagement continue to be a priority for the 25-year-old media group. Summit leverages iZooto’s engagement platform and its monetization capability to boost its revenue. Summit and PEP already generate 4% of their traffic from iZooto and this continues to grow.

Newsrooms inside Summit are now able to leverage the user data to create audience segments and let the tool target readers at the right time with their favorite category content with its recently rolled out AI platform. We are focused on creating a delightful experience both for editors and their readers. The AI platform is one of the first steps that we have taken to ensure that editors can focus on what they do best – publishing great content.

iZooto has become a go-to platform for multiple teams across the Summit newsroom – editors, revenue, and audience engagement. Editors at Summit have been using iZooto for breaking news and are able to get readers back to their website in real-time every time they publish news. “iZooto helps us distribute news faster than email or even social media. We are able to get the word out really quickly” added Joel Guinto, Reporter Editor-in-Chief at SummitMedia.

The partnership between iZooto and Summit is a great sign of times to come and the underlying changes that the media industry has gone through in 2020. “We remain committed to the vision of building and nurturing our audience and we see iZooto as a long term partner” added, Christine Sandejas, Head of Audience Growth at SummitMedia.

“We are building iZooto as a platform that enables newsrooms to build a deeper and better relationship with their audience. This relationship has long been built using platforms like Google and Facebook, but their interests are rarely aligned with that of media companies. iZooto is changing that.” added Neel Kothari, CEO at iZooto.

About iZooto

iZooto is an owned audience marketing solution that leverages push notification as a channel to help publishers build, own, and engage their audience. iZooto enables publishers to take charge of their audience and reduce their dependence on Google and Facebook. Publishers engage their audience with personalized and automated notifications to build repeat traffic and earn more from their current display ads. Publishers can also push ads to their audience using notifications and generate incremental revenue.

About Summit Media

Summit Media is the digital lifestyle network in the Philippines, with 14 media brands engaging around 32 million unique visitors every month.

Its expertise in creating data-informed quality content has allowed it to reach digital audiences making up more than 25 percent of the country’s internet population.

Summit Media was founded in June 1995, and for 23 years published the most successful and well-loved titles in the nation’s history. It completed its full digital transformation in 2018.

Being highly data-informed has armed Summit Media with the understanding of its audiences, enabling it to create more stories that appeal to their minds and passions, empowering it to help its advertisers craft effective messages relevant to their audiences.

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Name: Christine Sandejas
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