Upcoming hip-hop artist FlacoFrmThaWest brings a wave of new-age resonance in terms of both the rhythm and rhyme in his recently released rap collection.

Chicago, Illinois Apr 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  – Hip hop works as an outlet for both musicians and listeners to let out their frustrations and emotions. The newest gem in the current hip hop scene FlacoFrmThaWest is making music, to portray his interpretation of the world around him to his listeners. He has been releasing back-to-back hits that are not only popular but critically acclaimed as well. He combines the best flavors of old-school hip hop with the contemporary rhyming and literary style to attract listeners from both generations. His vocal style is also something that has gained him huge attention from the audience as well as the industry.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the promising artist started his musical journey at a very young age. He began freestyling to express his thoughts and emotions in the most artistic way possible. He became tired of the same old rhythmic and rhyming style of the contemporary hip hop scene. It pushed him to produce something rare and unique that would break the monotony of the genre. He combines elements from different musical forms and the rapping style of others to create a surreal soundscape that matches his flamboyant persona and artistic style. He is swiftly topping the popularity chart with his ethereal hip-hop collection.

Currently working independently, FlacoFrmThaWest is defying the norms of traditional music with his versatile attitude and approach. The nostalgic flavor in his music makes him stand tall in the crowd. He has released several hip-hop bangers such as ‘Been Drilling’, ‘Demons’, ‘White Glock’, ‘Aladdin’, and many more. The songs have an unparalleled rhythmic pattern that is extremely rare in the industry. His exemplary rhyming technique breathes life into the sublime lyrical verses. His music is definitely going to bring a change in today’s hip-hop scene. Listen to his music on SoundCloud. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on his next projects.

Want to hear more tracks of him click the link: https://soundcloud.com/flaco-ftw

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