Author Sandrian Nelson-Moon is thrilled to announce that her first children’s book, ‘Itty Bitty Betty & The Cookies’ will soon launch. This diverse children’s book and two versions of an accompanying coloring and activity book will be available on April 10, 2021.

Nelson-Moon and illustrator Bex Sutton bring to life a story that encourages patience, courage, and positivity with minority and multicultural characters. Out of all children’s books in 2019, only 11.9% included a focus on Black characters. This underscores a major need for better representation in diversity when it comes to children’s books. Nelson-Moon wants to help break this cycle by offering uplifting children’s stories featuring characters of color.

According to Nelson-Moon, “I find immense solace in writing and I believe in its ability to transcend ones emotions, mindset and expressions about any topic. My children’s books are aimed at helping to close the gap in the literary world where multicultural characters are not as prevalent main characters in stories.”

“Itty Bitty is a character that children would want to root for because her stories are relatable with many valuable lessons to learn. Itty Bitty is a curious and determined character that I wish I knew when I was younger,” said Nelson-Moon.

More information can be found at and at Kickstarter.

About Sandrian Nelson-Moon

Sandrian Nelson-Moon is a children’s author, wife, mom, and entrepreneur who aims to be an example of perseverance and faith.