Emodo, the independent marketplace for quality-verified advertising, today announced it has acquired Axonix, a mobile-first, programmatic advertising exchange, terms of this deal were not disclosed. This strategic acquisition extends Emodo’s horizontal expansion as an independent platform with direct connections to hundreds of demand side partners (DSPs), publishers and supply partners while bringing verifiable accuracy to both the demand and supply sides-of the programmatic ad ecosystem. The move comes on the heels of a record year for the company, further fueling its next phase of global growth. 

Axonix’ business provides app and mobile web publishers with a suite of supply-side tools and opportunities to maximize yield and sell-through of their advertising inventory, while Emodo offers a wide range of programmatic buy-side tools, audience and creative opportunities to advertisers. Additionally, Emodo’s platform leverages the industry’s most accurate truth sets, including mobile network data, to enhance the quality of the inventory and audiences the company sells. By unifying the Axonix supply-side solutions and Emodo’s demand-side solutions and sales channels, Emodo now provides a horizontally-integrated ecosystem that systematically improves the quality and effectiveness of mobile advertising for both publishers and advertisers.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking for horizontal solutions that make it easier to deliver high-quality campaigns, and consumers deserve to receive relevant, positive brand experiences.” explains Alistair Goodman, General Manager of Ericsson Emodo. “In combining forces with Axonix, we’re able to provide brands and publishers with a single-source, high quality solution that raises the bar for efficiency, quality and effectiveness of mobile advertising”

The deal enables Emodo to offer advertisers a full suite of verified mobile inventory offerings. This includes direct access to premium publishers and high quality supply, as well as a variety of creative and strategic placement opportunities. It also provides Emodo publisher partners with robust sales channels, strategic alignment of inventory with advertiser objectives, uniquely compelling ad units and a variety of other new opportunities. 

Despite the unpredictable year, Emodo experienced record revenue, with 70% revenue growth in 2020 — a significant feat given the advertising industry’s overall contraction of 10% and programmatic advertising’s nominal growth of 6% year-over-year. The coming year will only continue that growth: leveraging Axonix’ international footprint and expertise, the company will expand its global presence into the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe. From comprehensive identity strategies to new creative solutions and unique publisher relationships, Emodo’s horizontal, AI-driven programmatic platform can offer a genuine alternative to the walled garden players.

“We’ve been fortunate to work closely with the Emodo team for many years, and this next step allows us to come together to benefit the whole industry,” explained Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix. “Our combined teams will extend the reach of this data-driven, integrated marketplace to support the programmatic ecosystem worldwide, in a way that is seamless for all clients, both existing and new.”

To learn more about Emodo advertising solutions and how they can improve ROI, visit: emodoinc.com. 

About Emodo

Emodo is the independent marketplace for quality-verified advertising. The company’s audiences, immersive ad creative and publisher solutions enable the world’s most recognizable brands to realize the full power of mobile advertising. Emodo elevates results through the application of pre-bid predictive models, trained by the industry’s most accurate truth sets, to identify top-performing inventory. The company’s horizontal platform brings together both buyers and sellers, making it easy for advertisers to buy the way they wish and improving the performance of campaigns. Emodo solutions are available through every leading DSP and through Managed Service.

Emodo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson, a world leader in telecommunications technology and services powering billions of mobile consumers worldwide.