The Stylish Aura of Bangles worn by Indian Women


Ladies’ bangles have a way of winning the heart of the onlookers. Besides, they also make the ideal accessories for amping up your fashion game for any occasion. Bangles are not new to Indian jewellery and have been around for ages worn by women for generations.


Over the years, bangles have evolved, turning into a fashion statement that can be styled in multiple ways, from simple bands made of metal to multiple styles in different variants. It includes thread bangles, bridal bangles like lac bangles, Chura, glass bangles, and stone studded bangles.


An ideal part of Indian Wardrobe

These charming bridal bangles and bangles worn by women of all ages have turned into an essential part of the Indian wardrobe. It also makes an ultimate accessory for women that adds to the stylish quotient. Bangles come in numerous designs in multiple sizes, materials, colors, and shapes with a subtle touch for every occasion. So, let’s look at some of the ideal bangle designs:


Gold Bangles

Gold can never go out of fashion. In the form of thin bangles to thick kadas, bangles make the best part of stylish accessories that combine well with all outfits, whether western or Indian. These gold bangles completely compliment every skin tone type and can be paired with any outfit irrespective of its color. Whether purple, red, green, or black, gold bangles complement all types of traditional outfits.


Thread Bangles

An epitome of feminine beauty, thread bangles are characteristic of an Indian woman. It is available in a range of colors that comprise intricate work of shiny threads and sequins. Besides, one can experiment with the look by wearing different types of thread bangles that make the best combination for all occasions rendering a multi-hued fashionable look.



Bracelets are refined forms of bangles. What makes bracelets for girls unique is that instead of being a Kada, it comprises a hook attached on each side. Thus, it can be opened and adjusted as per need. Besides what makes a bracelet different from a bangle, it superbly adds to the wearer’s contemporary look.


There are different bracelet designs, including bracelets with multiple chains, stone-studded bracelets, and stones attached to them. Besides, one can also find customized bracelets with one’s name carved on them.


Explore the wide variety of choices for bracelets and bangles online and flaunt your unique style.