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As per the shared details, this tool is built to strengthen and enhance the conversations carried out on WhatsApp by businesses. It has various amazing and smart features. These features are built to benefit businesses in adding WhatsApp as another mode of communication to have effective business conversations.

“WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms. Everyone knows how proactive people are on this communication platform. Consumers expect their vendors and service providers to offer support and updates via WhatsApp. Therefore, it becomes necessary for businesses to use this platform for business communication. WhatsApp web provides a quick platform to businesses as executives can carry out business conversations without losing pace or productivity. The smart WhatsApp web tool built for businesses provides the required features to empower the business conversations on WhatsApp”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, this WhatsApp business tool has many features needed for marketing, sales, and customer relationship related campaigns. Below is the list of major features shared by the spokesperson of the company:

• WhatsApp broadcasting

• Auto replies and smart replies

• Scheduled messaging

• Automated group cloning and deletion

• Duplicate group filter

• Bulk group joining

• Contact synchronization

• Click to chat WhatsApp widget

• Contact export

• CRM integration

• Business conversation enhancement features

• Statistics

• And many more

As per the shared details, the company will offer this tool as a hosted product. This will make its use more affordable for small to large scaled businesses. It is available as an individual tool.

“To use our smart WhatsApp web tool, the businesses do not need to install or learn any additional software or app. All they use is their own WhatsApp web. All features will be made available on the WhatsApp web, so business executives can use these features with ease and without any need of taking the exhaustive training”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

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