Divami Design Labs recently partnered with the reputed networking event organizers- Tech Network Summit- to host a Fintech event.

The event attracted a large audience, most of whom belonged to the IT, Security, and BFSI sector, resulting in an impactful conversation around the Fintech industry. With a focus on cryptocurrency, data security concerns, and the impact of covid 19 on the acceleration of technology applications, the panelists and speakers raised many good points.

Naveen Puttagunta, Co-founder & CEO of Divami Design Labs, as part of a morning panel, acted as a moderator on the topic of Digital Infrastructure in Fintech that invited three prominent speakers. “Earlier, people were just happy with the availability of online banking and Fintech apps as an addition to the existing conventional financial services,” Naveen observed. “But now, users are looking for advancements that can allow them to achieve more with each app visit or online interaction as compared to a physical visit to the financial institution,” he concluded.

On the other hand, as a keynote speaker, Prathima Inolu, Director & Chief-Designer of Divami, talked about the pivotal role that UX UI plays in bridging the divide between rural and urban population. “With availability of internet, and increase in smartphone users, it is time for Fintech to give rural India a place in the decision making table,” she added. While discussing the challenges that Fintech may face when targeting a rural population, Prathima pointed out that the attitude towards money and acceptance of technology in money management needs to change and that can only be achieved through financial literacy.

Divami Design Labs is a UX UI Design firm, which have been especially known for their expertise in SaaS, and Enterprise Platform design and development capabilities with a team of about 70 UX UI Designers and Developers. Over the past 12 years, they have worked with clients across the world to deliver a world-class user experience through web & mobile apps, B2B SaaS & Enterprise Software, Consumer apps & eCommerce platforms, and Digital Transformation projects. Apart from their current segments, they are planning for significant growth into Salesforce Platform, AR/VR apps, wearables, Speech & Telematics. They currently have offices in the US and India.

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