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United States: March 27, 2021.United States.We, “My Guy Pest and Lawn Solutions”, are proud to have a specialization in providing pest control Provo Utah, and spider removal Utah. Other than this we also specialize in exterminating every pest that you all want to keep away from your home like, roaches, crickets, ants, and many more.

Pest control also requires specialization because it’s not only about spraying pesticides on every pest that you see. There are different ways to handle different types of pest control cases by diagnosing each one of them and then deciding how to treat them. We at “My Guy Pest and Lawn Solutions” use appropriate technique and equipment which is required to handle the specific problem. Also, we ensure that adequate time is provided to you so that your property or building can be treated appropriately.

It takes years and years of learning and specializing in how to treat different pests in houses and we understand that every case is different and has to be dealt with differently. This can only be achieved through experience and knowledge of how insects infest at different places.


Our services have been top-notch and have solved pest control problems in both residential and commercial areas. Here is a list of the services that we provide you!

    • Residential Pest Control Service: We

“My Guy Pest and Lawn Solutions”

    • provide you the best residential pest control services to get rid of unwanted pests and spider removal. We are experienced as well as trained to handle

pest control Provo Utah

    Spider removal. Pest Control Service: Not only residential pest control but also commercial pest control services are provided by us to business or office buildings for various facilities located in Utah. Indoor crack and crevice treatment: This treatment is very helpful in rooting out all the colonies and guests that develop in our home. De-Webber service: The service helps remove all the spiders and keep them away from your home Spot treatment on your lawn: Spot treatment helps in neutralizing ant mounds and other infractions by pests. Fenceline treatment is a great way which helps in creating a barrier that keeps the pests away from your home

Our services are performed by trained workers who are experienced with treating and understanding different pests. Every case is understood with properly diagnosing and then using the appropriate equipment and tools for the same. For more details, visit: