The solution to too many tabs in a tab bar is here – a second tab bar in Vivaldi 3.6.

Six years ago, in its first public appearance, Vivaldi unveiled Tab Stacks – the ability to group and manage tabs together. Now, Vivaldi introduces Two-Level Tab Stacks taking its tab functionality to the next level, literally. With Two-Level Tab Stacks, stacked tabs are displayed in a second tab bar. This first-of-its-kind feature opens up a new way of viewing and managing tabs on desktops and notebooks.

Tabs are an essential part of browsing but many people struggle when it comes to organizing and managing them. Over the years, Vivaldi has strengthened its comprehensive tab functionality with modern, built-in features that adapt to how people work today (even more so in times of remote-working).

Tab Stacks, Tab Tiling, Vertical Tabs, Auto Stacking, and a plethora of other tab features make viewing, managing, and navigating between tabs in the Vivaldi browser easy.

“With Vivaldi’s tab management you can handle an extraordinary amount of information while staying organized”, says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “Two-Level Tab Stacks is an example of how we innovate for the people who have put their trust in us. They deserve it.”

There’s more in Vivaldi 3.6:

The desire to meet individual needs is something that motivates us to continue to polish our existing features while we introduce new ones. Our work on configurable menus is ongoing. You’ll notice that working with right-click menus is much easier. Now you can change and configure the entries that you could not before, e.g. in Downloads Panel, Windows Panel.

About Vivaldi Technologies:

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