Mike and Ryann Pagels, the owners of M&R’s Nightly Rentals, announced they have revitalized yet another piece of the century old building found on 1216 J Street by converting a portion of the space into a boutique. Second Chance Boutique is an upscale second-hand store offering gently used top-tier clothing.

“I have wanted to open a boutique in Tekamah for quite some time. Growing up in this community, I know there is a need for additional retail options, but I wanted to go about it in a particular way. Second Chance Boutique not only offers a retail option for our community members, but also provides a convenient resell option for their clothing as well,” says Ryann Pagels. “I’m also looking forward to being able to give back to the community with a free-will donation rack.” Any items that are not sold will be put on the rack, and the money will be given to that month’s selected local charity.

Mike and Ryann Pagels acquired the historic property located at 1216 J Street in Tekamah in July of 2017. In June of 2018, Pagels’ opened M&R’s Nightly Rentals, which transformed three existing apartments within the brick building into extended stay condo style accommodations. Now, they have revitalized the front area of the building, making it into Second Chance Boutique.

“Continuing to revitalize this building, and being able to convert it into something that we hope the community can use and enjoy has been an adventure. I was blown away at the history of this place,” said Mike Pagels.

Built in 1916, the structure began as the Lyric Theatre. It has since been the home to Stouts, law offices, medical clinic, and most recently M&R’s Nightly Rentals and Second Chance Boutique.

Second Chance Boutique’s first day of operations was February 13, 2021, with standard business hours being Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for consignment only, and open for shopping Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. A grand opening will be celebrated over Memorial Day weekend, where visitors can expect to see prize drawings, sales and more.

About Second Chance Boutique
Second Chance Boutique was founded by Ryann Pagels of Tekamah, Nebraska. Her mission was to create an upscale second-hand boutique for the Tekamah community, and surrounding rural areas to enjoy as well. Second Chance Boutique offers a place for individuals to buy and sell quality clothing, and can be found at 375 S. 13th Street, Tekamah, Nebraska.