The pandemic has slowed down business activities, caused the workforce to work in scattered and remote environments relying on team collaboration software for virtual meetings and communication with the team.

InnoMaint is a leading CMMS software that serves to expand the boundaries of a maintenance software enabling businesses to organize their maintenance department operations in a simple, straight forward, effective and fully automated way in line with the emerging and most popular Industry 4.0 standards.

IoT Solutions for a Resurgent business

But on the positive side it has made businesses explore digitization as a possible good alternative to organize team work that could not have been experimented otherwise. To cover the gaps left by stringent lockdowns and lockdowns with relaxations, follow preventive measures laid down by Governments, screen visitors for fever automatically in a human-free operation and enable cost cutting to the deepest level InnoMaint has rolled out a new feature set that allows the workforce to collaborate best in a remote work setting.

Power of Walkie-Talkie in Mobile

InnoTalk carries over the power of Walkie Talkie app into a mobile app in a cost effective solution for carrying out work orders effectively while working from diverse geographic locations and following hygienic practices, covid-19 precautions etc.

As an effective alternative to the traditional mobile calls, InnoTalk provides a channel for quicker team collaboration tool and more secure communication providing a far better outreach with all the messages being noticed by the recipients.

It helps field work managers to broadcast instant voice messages to unify all stakeholders and field engineers in a single digital pipeline which can offer help in the face of difficult situations in field work and can bring the team closer.

RSS Feeds ensure that all breaking news from chosen sites based on areas of interest populate for every engineer based on browsing patterns for continuous learning.

News Feed ensures the users remain focused to work and are aware of the knowledge shared by their peers on best practices, best resolutions and handling customers in a diplomatic manner paving the way for quicker fixes and building good rapport with the customers.

The free version with the convenience of walkie-talkie capability in the form of a mobile app proves its mettle in promoting team collaboration while the team is working in a highly scattered and remote locations.

Wise investment

By investing in tools like covid-19 screening software and People Count Management (PCM), firms can ensure business continuity, have a better say on cutting the utility costs and expedite the return on investment from technology investments.

Employee covid screening software

The relevant stakeholders can be instantly notified on mask violations and occupancy status within office so that managers can intervene at the right time for carrying out evacuation or act effectively in isolating and handling the suspects with the help of unique schedules dedicated to handle those running temperature to adhere the Standard operating procedure laid down by the Government and contain the spread of infection.

Fully automated operations

The body temperature screening takes place in a complete contactless operation by integration with thermal sensing / HIK vision camera through IP Address and MAC Address of associated sensors with stunning accuracy in readings. The CMMS can scan crowds in less than a minute and capture photos of those not wearing masks properly and candidates with fever. As well known, even a single visitor carrying the infection and going unnoticed can spread it to many and hamper the productivity.

People Count Management (PCM)

The IoT – CMMS integration can help facilities gain deeper insights into the flow of visitors through them, round the clock, in both directions across entrances. People Count sensors can provide the Management with dynamic insights about the visitors passing through an area and easily identify the crowded spots. The monitored information keeps on piling up at the desired frequency as visitors pour in.

This information comes handy in making data driven business decisions. Facilities can reduce staff count wherever possible, and deploy a portion of the workforce to other places and offices. Organizations can quickly identify unsold products despite the placement in dynamic areas and replace them with alternate products.

Energy Monitoring

InnoMaint offers energy monitoring solutions that lets office managers go deeper into identifying energy consumption patterns instantly and turn off high consumption units automatically. Undisputedly electricity bills account for the single highest utility costs in most cases. HVAC systems account for a whopping 40 to 60 percent of energy consumption by a commercial building. Proper and scheduled maintenance of such units is critical for reaching good and acceptable levels of energy efficiency. In a proactive maintenance, track the energy consumption for either a whole multi storeyed building or for individual tenants in it comfortably.

There’s a discerning factor on the significance of these modules from the regular CMMS application flow with the fact that dedicated schedules (Dashboards too) and unique reports are associated with these modules.

The shift toward green operations, apart from demonstrating care and concern for the environment, can go a long way in maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability of facilities. InnoMaint’s data on energy consumption simplifies the audit on maintenance and utility operations. Business establishments can compare the data on KPI metrics & unique reports with standardized industry benchmarks to determine and reduce the gaps.

Warranty Management

InnoMaint has expanded the scope of maintenance operations further with an exclusive workflow for Warranty management. Users can map the warranty package created against individual asset instances to make the most of warranty for assets and spares. Warranty schedule shall be displayed in a preventive maintenance queue similar to other PPM tasks with an apparent indication of warranty.

Attendance Management

An authentication mechanism has been provided for Service Engineers to attend to the ticket at customer premises which stands as a proof of their visit to the premises. Only after marking the attendance the technician (or other user attending to the task) will be able to check-in. The field staff can be directed to punch in while beginning work for the day and punch out while closing the work for monitoring them as they may work in different locations each day. Thus field managers can view the timestamp along with the location which is captured & recorded in the work-order.

Facility Manager and Customer can track the current location of service technician (preventive and breakdown) conveniently which is vital for upholding transparency in delivering service business.

Not just this. InnoMaint has a list of exciting and most sought after features, in the pipeline namely RFID Tracking, Visitor management, venue booking, procurement etc.

The CMMS is poised to join hands with facilities to fight the pandemic including the new coronavirus, which creates alarming second waves.

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